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Inst Reports – Überblick über Publikationen der/des IBG-3 für das Berichtsjahr 2022

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A. ISI/Scopus-referierte Publikationen

Hierzu zählen Publikationen in Journals, die entweder in der Master Journal List „Web of Science Core Collection“ von Clarivate Analytics oder in der „Scopus Source List“ von Elsevier gelistet sind.

Anzahl zählbare Publikationen: 129

TitelAutorenJournal/KonferenzPOFandere Institutezuletzt geändert
Groundwater Quality for Irrigation Purposes in the Diass Horst System in SenegalDiouf, Ousmane Coly; Sarr, Hameth Khassim; Diedhiou, Mathias; Weihermüller, Lutz; Dieng, Ndeye Maguette; Faye, Seynabou Cissé; Vereecken, Harry; Faye, SerigneWater 2173 23.1.2023
Declining total carbon stocks in carbonate-containing agricultural soils over a 62-year recultivation chronosequence under humid conditionsZhao, Yi; Reichel, Rüdiger; Herbst, Michael; Sun, Yajie; Brüggemann, Nicolas; Mörchen, Ramona; Welp, Gerd; Meng, Fanqiao; Bol, RolandGeoderma 2173 13.1.2023
Customized biochar for soil applications in arid land: Effect of feedstock type and pyrolysis temperature on soil microbial enumeration and respirationAl-Rabaiai, Ahmed; Menezes-Blackburn, Daniel; Al-Ismaily, Said; Janke, Rhonda; Pracejus, Bernhard; Al-Alawi, Ahmed; Al-Kindi, Mohamed; Bol, RolandJournal of analytical and applied pyrolysis 2173 13.1.2023
Editorial: Frontiers in water: Rising stars 2021Ganguly, Auroop R.; van Breukelen, Boris M.; Evers, Mariele; Hendricks-Franssen, Harrie-Jan; Illangasekare, Tissa; Kumar, Praveen; Steefel, Carl; Taylor, Richard G.Frontiers in water 2173 13.1.2023
Perspective on satellite-based land data assimilation to estimate water cycle components in an era of advanced data availability and model sophisticationDe Lannoy, Gabriëlle J. M.; Bechtold, Michel; Albergel, Clément; Brocca, Luca; Calvet, Jean-Christophe; Carrassi, Alberto; Crow, Wade T.; de Rosnay, Patricia; Durand, Michael; Forman, Barton; Geppert, Gernot; Girotto, Manuela; Hendricks-Franssen, Harrie-Jan; Jonas, Tobias; Kumar, Sujay; Lievens, Hans; Lu, Yang; Massari, Christian; Pauwels, Valentijn R. N.; Reichle, Rolf H.; Steele-Dunne, SusanFrontiers in water 2173 13.1.2023
The role of soil texture on diurnal and seasonal cycles of potential evaporation over saturated bare soils – Lysimeter studiesLi, Wanxin; Hendricks-Franssen, Harrie-Jan; Brunner, Philip; Li, Zhi; Wang, Zhoufeng; Wang, Yike; Wang, WenkeJournal of hydrology 2173 13.1.2023
Isolating the effects of land use land cover change and inter-decadal climate variations on the water and energy cycles over India, 1981–2010Ghodichore, Nikhil; Dhanya, C. T.; Hendricks-Franssen, Harrie-JanJournal of hydrology 2173 12.1.2023
A global meta-analysis of heavy metal(loid)s pollution in soils near copper mines: Evaluation of pollution level and probabilistic health risksChen, Li; Zhou, Mingxi; Wang, Jingzhe; Zhang, Zhiqin; Duan, Chengjiao; Wang, Xiangxiang; Zhao, Shuling; Bai, Xiaohan; Li, Zhijie; Li, Zimin; Fang, LinchuanThe science of the total environment 2173 12.1.2023
Improved estimation and prediction of the wind-erodible fraction for Aridisols in arid southeast TunisiaBouajila, Abdelhakim; Omar, Zohra; Ajjari, Afaf; Bol, Roland; Brahim, NadhemCatena 2173 12.1.2023
Organic amendments facilitate soil carbon sequestration via organic carbon accumulation and mitigation of inorganic carbon lossTian, Yanfang; Wang, Qiqi; Gao, Wei; Luo, Yu; Wu, Lei; Rui, Yichao; Huang, Yaping; Xiao, Qiong; Li, Xin; Zhang, WenjuLand degradation & development 2173 12.1.2023
Evaluation of Alpine-Mediterranean precipitation events in convection-permitting regional climate models using a set of tracking algorithmsMüller, Sebastian K.; Caillaud, Cécile; Chan, Steven; de Vries, Hylke; Bastin, Sophie; Berthou, Ségolène; Brisson, Erwan; Demory, Marie-Estelle; Feldmann, Hendrik; Görgen, Klaus; Kartsios, Stergios; Lind, Petter; Keuler, Klaus; Pichelli, Emanuela; Raffa, Mario; Tölle, Merja H.; Warrach-Sagi, KirstenClimate dynamics 2173 12.1.2023
Amine- and thiol-bifunctionalized mesoporous silica material for immobilization of Pb and Cd: Characterization, efficiency, and mechanismTang, Ni; Liu, Xue; Jia, Meng-Ru; Shi, Xin-Yao; Fu, Jing-Wei; Guan, Dong-Xing; Ma, Lena Q.Chemosphere 2173 12.1.2023
Stomatal closure during water deficit is controlled by below-ground hydraulicsAbdalla, Mohanned; Ahmed, Mutez Ali; Cai, Gaochao; Wankmüller, Fabian; Schwartz, Nimrod; Litig, Or; Javaux, Mathieu; Carminati, AndreaAnnals of botany 2173 12.1.2023
A model‐based estimate of nitrate leaching in Germany for GHG reportingEysholdt, Max; Kunkel, Ralf; Rösemann, Claus; Wendland, Frank; Wolters, Tim; Zinnbauer, Maximilian; Fuß, RolandJournal of plant nutrition and soil science 2173 10.1.2023
Long-term artificial drainage altered the product stoichiometry of denitrification in alpine peatland soil of Qinghai-Tibet PlateauTan, Yuechen; Wang, Yifei; Chen, Zhu; Yang, Mengying; Ning, Yu; Zheng, Chunyan; Du, Zhangliu; Bol, Roland; Wu, DiGeoderma 2173 9.1.2023
Soil water status shapes nutrient cycling in agroecosystems from micrometer to landscape scalesBauke, Sara L.; Amelung, Wulf; Bol, Roland; Brandt, Luise; Brüggemann, Nicolas; Kandeler, Ellen; Meyer, Nele; Or, Dani; Schnepf, Andrea; Schloter, Michael; Schulz, Stefanie; Siebers, Nina; von Sperber, Christian; Vereecken, HarryJournal of plant nutrition and soil science 2173 5.1.2023
The fate of phosphorus from bone char-based fertilizers in soil pools in a 5-year crop rotation27Kruse, Jens; Panten, Kerstin; Siebers, NinaNutrient cycling in agroecosystems 2173 5.1.2023
Feasibility of irrigation monitoring with cosmic-ray neutron sensorsBrogi, Cosimo; Bogena, Heye; Köhli, Markus; Huisman, Johan Alexander; Hendricks-Franssen, Harrie-Jan; Dombrowski, OlgaGeoscientific instrumentation, methods and data systems 2173 4.1.2023
Combined Effect of Soil Particle Size Fractions and Engineered Nanoparticles on Phosphate Sorption Processes in Volcanic Soils Evaluated by Elovich and Langmuir–Freundlich ModelsSuazo-Hernández, Jonathan; Klumpp, Erwin; Arancibia-Miranda, Nicolás; Jara, Alejandra; Poblete-Grant, Patricia; Sepúlveda, Pamela; Bol, Roland; de la Luz Mora, MaríaJournal of soil science and plant nutrition 2173 4.1.2023
Recent Developments in Wireless Soil Moisture Sensing to Support Scientific Research and Agricultural ManagementBogena, Heye Reemt; Weuthen, Ansgar; Huisman, Johan AlexanderSensors 2173 4.1.2023
Significance of Non-DLVO Interactions on the Co-Transport of Functionalized Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes and Soil Nanoparticles in Porous MediaZhang, Miaoyue; Bradford, Scott A.; Klumpp, Erwin; Šimůnek, Jiri; Wang, Shizhong; Wan, Quan; Jin, Chao; Qiu, RongliangEnvironmental science & technology 2173 4.1.2023
Development and Validation of a Deep Learning Based Automated Minirhizotron Image Analysis PipelineBauer, Felix Maximilian; Lärm, Lena; Morandage, Shehan; Lobet, Guillaume; Vanderborght, Jan; Vereecken, Harry; Schnepf, AndreaPlant phenomics 2173 22.12.2022
Remote Sensing of Instantaneous Drought Stress at Canopy Level Using Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Canopy ReflectanceDe Cannière, Simon; Vereecken, Harry; Defourny, Pierre; Jonard, FrançoisRemote sensing 2173 22.12.2022
GPR data imaging and interpretation — IntroductionBano, Maksim; Economou, Nikos; Bradford, John; Giannopoulos, Antonios; Klotzsche, Anja; Slob, Evert; Tsoflias, GeorgeGeophysics 2173 14.12.2022
Deforestation alters dissolved organic carbon and sulfate dynamics in a mountainous headwater catchment—A wavelet analysisWang, Qiqi; Qu, Yuquan; Robinson, Kerri-Leigh; Bogena, Heye; Graf, Alexander; Vereecken, Harry; Tietema, Albert; Bol, RolandFrontiers in forests and global change 2173 8.12.2022
Effects of deforestation on dissolved organic carbon and nitrate in catchment stream water revealed by wavelet analysisRobinson, Kerri-Leigh; Bogena, Heye R.; Wang, Qiqi; Cammeraat, Erik; Bol, RolandFrontiers in water 2173 8.12.2022
High-resolution drought simulations and comparison to soil moisture observations in GermanyBoeing, Friedrich; Rakovec, Oldrich; Kumar, Rohini; Samaniego, Luis; Schrön, Martin; Hildebrandt, Anke; Rebmann, Corinna; Thober, Stephan; Müller, Sebastian; Zacharias, Steffen; Bogena, Heye; Schneider, Katrin; Kiese, Ralf; Attinger, Sabine; Marx, AndreasHydrology and earth system sciences 2173 8.12.2022
Optimal Temporal Filtering of the Cosmic-Ray Neutron Signal to Reduce Soil Moisture UncertaintyDavies, Patrick; Baatz, Roland; Bogena, Heye Reemt; Quansah, Emmanuel; Amekudzi, Leonard KofitseSensors 2173 8.12.2022
Design and operation of a long-term monitoring system for spectral electrical impedance tomography (sEIT)Weigand, Maximilian; Zimmermann, Egon; Michels, Valentin; Huisman, Johan Alexander; Kemna, AndreasGeoscientific instrumentation, methods and data systems 2173 ZEA-2 1.12.2022
Surface functional groups and degree of carbonization of selected chars from different processes and feedstockIlić, Marija; Haegel, Franz-Hubert; Lolić, Aleksandar; Nedić, Zoran; Tosti, Tomislav; Ignjatović, Ivana Sredović; Linden, Andreas; Jablonowski, Nicolai D.; Hartmann, HeinrichPLOS ONE 2173 IBG-2, ZEA-3 29.11.2022
Simulating Root Growth as a Function of Soil Strength and Yield With a Field-Scale Crop Model Coupled With a 3D Architectural Root ModelSeidel, Sabine Julia; Gaiser, Thomas; Srivastava, Amit Kumar; Leitner, Daniel; Schmittmann, Oliver; Athmann, Miriam; Kautz, Timo; Guigue, Julien; Ewert, Frank; Schnepf, AndreaFrontiers in plant science 2173 28.11.2022
Fenton oxidation of biochar improves retention of cattle slurry nitrogenCao, Xinyue; Reichel, Rüdiger; Brüggemann, NicolasJournal of environmental quality 2173 23.11.2022
Hydroclimatic record from an Altiplano cushion peatland (24°S) indicates large-scale reorganisation of atmospheric circulation for the late HoloceneLücke, Andreas; Kock, Sebastian; Wissel, Holger; Kulemeyer, Julio J.; Lupo, Liliana C.; Schäbitz, Frank; Schittek, KarstenPLOS ONE 2173 23.11.2022
Soil carbon quantity and form are controlled predominantly by mean annual temperature along 4000 km North-South transect of Eastern ChinaGu, Jie; Bol, Roland; Sun, Yajie; Zhang, HuanchaoCatena 2173 17.11.2022
Silicon as a potential limiting factor for phosphorus availability in paddy soilsSchaller, Jörg; Wu, Bei; Amelung, Wulf; Hu, Zhengyi; Stein, Mathias; Lehndorff, Eva; Obst, MartinScientific reports 2173 17.11.2022
Agroforestry practices and on-site charcoal production enhance soil fertility and climate change mitigation in northwestern EthiopiaKim, Dong-Gill; Kassahun, Gashaw; Yimer, Fantaw; Brüggemann, Nicolas; Glaser, BrunoAgronomy for sustainable development 2173 16.11.2022
Fertilizer P-derived uranium continues to accumulate at Rothamsted long-term experimentsSun, Yajie; Amelung, W.; Wu, Bei; Haneklaus, S.; Schnug, E.; Bol, R.The science of the total environment 2173 16.11.2022
An Interannual Drought Feedback Loop Affects the Surface Energy Balance and Cloud PropertiesHartick, Carl; Furusho-Percot, Carina; Clark, Martyn P.; Kollet, StefanGeophysical research letters 2173 16.11.2022
Microbial regulation of net N mineralisation is driven by C, N, P content and stoichiometryWang, Qiqi; Gao, Wei; Bol, Roland; Xiao, Qiong; Wu, Lei; Zhang, WenjuEuropean journal of soil science 2173 14.11.2022
Advancing AI-based pan-European groundwater monitoringMa, Yueling; Montzka, Carsten; Naz, Bibi S; Kollet, StefanEnvironmental research letters 2173 11.11.2022
Challenges in measuring nitrogen isotope signatures in inorganic nitrogen forms: An interlaboratory comparison of three common measurement approachesBiasi, Christina; Jokinen, Simo; Prommer, Judith; Ambus, Per; Dörsch, Peter; Yu, Longfei; Granger, Steve; Boeckx, Pascal; Van Nieuland, Katja; Brüggemann, Nicolas; Wissel, Holger; Voropaev, Andrey; Zilberman, Tami; Jäntti, Helena; Trubnikova, Tatiana; Welti, Nina; Voigt, Carolina; Gebus-Czupyt, Beata; Czupyt, Zbigniew; Wanek, WolfgangRapid communications in mass spectrometry 2173 11.11.2022
Correction to: Parameter sensitivity analysis of a root system architecture model based on virtual field samplingMorandage, Shehan; Schnepf, Andrea; Leitner, Daniel; Javaux, Mathieu; Vereecken, Harry; Vanderborght, JanPlant and soil 2173 11.11.2022
Grazing and topography control nutrient pools in low Arctic soils of Southwest Greenlandvan Soest, Maud A. J.; Anderson, N. John; Bol, Roland; Dixon, Liz R.; Haygarth, Philip M.European journal of soil science 2173 11.11.2022
Soil CO2 Emission Largely Dominates the Total Ecosystem CO2 Emission at Canadian Boreal ForestBhanja, Soumendra N.; Wang, Junye; Bol, RolandFrontiers in Environmental Science 2173 11.11.2022
Applying a Wavelet Transform Technique to Optimize General Fitting Models for SM Analysis: A Case Study in Downscaling over the Qinghai–Tibet PlateauHu, Zixuan; Chai, Linna; Crow, Wade T.; Liu, Shaomin; Zhu, Zhongli; Zhou, Ji; Qu, Yuquan; Liu, Jin; Yang, Shiqi; Lu, ZhengRemote sensing 2173 11.11.2022
Effect of changing chemical environment on physical properties of maize root mucilageKnott, Mathilde; Ani, Mina; Kröner, Eva; Diehl, DoertePlant and soil 2173 11.11.2022
Organic Carbon Speciation in Urban Anthrosols—The Legacy of Historical Waste ManagementEsiana, Benneth O. I.; Berns, Anne E.; Adderley, W. Paul; Bol, RolandSoil systems 2173 11.11.2022
Low-level nitrogen and short-term addition increase soil carbon sequestration in Chinese forest ecosystemsNgaba, Mbezele Junior Yannick; Uwiragiye, Yves; Bol, Roland; de Vries, Wim; Zhou, JianbinCatena 2173 10.11.2022
Organic phosphorus leaching risk from agricultural soils across ChinaSun, Xiaolei; Bol, Roland; Klumpp, Erwin; Li, MengChemical and Biological Technologies for Agriculture 2173 8.11.2022
Connecting plant phenotyping and modelling communities: lessons from science mapping and operational perspectivesSaint Cast, Clément; Lobet, Guillaume; Cabrera-Bosquet, Llorenç; Couvreur, Valentin; Pradal, Christophe; Tardieu, François; Draye, XavierIn silico plants 2173 8.11.2022
Dust and aerosols in the Atacama DesertArenas-Díaz, Franko; Fuentes, Bárbara; Reyers, Mark; Fiedler, Stephanie; Böhm, Christoph; Campos, Eduardo; Shao, Yaping; Bol, RolandEarth science reviews 2173 8.11.2022
Effects of altitude on soil properties in coastal fog ecosystems in Morro Moreno National Park, Antofagasta, ChileFuentes, Bárbara; Gómez, Francisco; Valdez, Catalina; Videla, Anael; Castro-Severyn, Juan; Barahona, Sergio; Bol, Roland; Riquelme, Rodrigo; Quispe, Javier; Remonsellez, FranciscoEuropean journal of soil science 2173 8.11.2022
Effects of Root Temperature and Cluster Position on Fruit Quality of Two Cocktail Tomato CultivarsHe, Fang; Thiele, Björn; Kraska, Thorsten; Schurr, Ulrich; Kuhn, Arnd JürgenAgronomy 2173 IBG-2 8.11.2022
A calibration free radiation driven model for estimating actual evapotranspiration of mountain grasslands (CLIME-MG)Gisolo, D.; Previati, M.; Bevilacqua, I.; Canone, D.; Boetti, M.; Dematteis, N.; Balocco, J.; Ferrari, S.; Gentile, A.; N'sassila, M.; Heery, B.; Vereecken, H.; Ferraris, S.Journal of hydrology 2173 8.11.2022
Long-term ice phenology records spanning up to 578 years for 78 lakes around the Northern HemisphereSharma, Sapna; Filazzola, Alessandro; Nguyen, Thi; Imrit, M. Arshad; Blagrave, Kevin; Bouffard, Damien; Daly, Julia; Feldman, Harley; Feldsine, Natalie; Hendricks-Franssen, Harrie-Jan; Granin, Nikolay; Hecock, Richard; L’Abée-Lund, Jan Henning; Hopkins, Ed; Howk, Neil; Iacono, Michael; Knoll, Lesley B.; Korhonen, Johanna; Malmquist, Hilmar J.; Marszelewski, Włodzimierz; Matsuzaki, Shin-Ichiro S.; Miyabara, Yuichi; Miyasaka, Kiyoshi; Mills, Alexander; Olson, Lolita; Peters, Theodore W.; Richardson, David C.; Robertson, Dale M.; Rudstam, Lars; Wain, Danielle; Waterfield, Holly; Weyhenmeyer, Gesa A.; Wiltse, Brendan; Yao, Huaxia; Zhdanov, Andry; Magnuson, John J.Scientific data 2173 8.11.2022
Editorial: Benchmarking 3D-Models of Root Growth, Architecture and FunctioningSchnepf, Andrea; Leitner, Daniel; Bodner, Gernot; Javaux, MathieuFrontiers in plant science 2173 8.11.2022
Maize root-induced biopores do not influence root growth of subsequently grown maize plants in well aerated, fertilized and repacked soil columnsPhalempin, Maxime; Landl, Magdalena; Wu, Gi-Mick; Schnepf, Andrea; Vetterlein, Doris; Schlüter, SteffenSoil & tillage research 2173 8.11.2022
Potential denitrification activity response to long-term nitrogen fertilization - A global meta-analysisLi, Longcheng; Yang, Mengying; Li, Jincheng; Roland, Bol; Du, Zhangliu; Wu, DiJournal of cleaner production 2173 8.11.2022
Field scale plant water relation of maize (Zea mays) under drought – impact of root hairs and soil textureJorda, Helena; Ahmed, Mutez A.; Javaux, Mathieu; Carminati, Andrea; Duddek, Patrick; Vetterlein, Doris; Vanderborght, JanPlant and soil 2173 4.11.2022
Toward estimation of seasonal water dynamics of winter wheat from ground-based L-band radiometry: a concept studyJagdhuber, Thomas; Jonard, François; Fluhrer, Anke; Chaparro, David; Baur, Martin J.; Meyer, Thomas; Piles, MaríaBiogeosciences 2173 4.11.2022
Remote Sensing of Geomorphodiversity Linked to Biodiversity—Part III: Traits, Processes and Remote Sensing CharacteristicsLausch, Angela; Schaepman, Michael E.; Skidmore, Andrew K.; Catana, Eusebiu; Bannehr, Lutz; Bastian, Olaf; Borg, Erik; Bumberger, Jan; Dietrich, Peter; Glässer, Cornelia; Hacker, Jorg M.; Höfer, Rene; Jagdhuber, Thomas; Jany, Sven; Jung, András; Karnieli, Arnon; Klenke, Reinhard; Kirsten, Toralf; Ködel, Uta; Kresse, Wolfgang; Mallast, Ulf; Montzka, Carsten; Möller, Markus; Mollenhauer, Hannes; Pause, Marion; Rahman, Minhaz; Schrodt, Franziska; Schmullius, Christiane; Schütze, Claudia; Selsam, Peter; Syrbe, Ralf-Uwe; Truckenbrodt, Sina; Vohland, Michael; Volk, Martin; Wellmann, Thilo; Zacharias, Steffen; Baatz, RolandRemote sensing 2173 4.11.2022
A Review on Carbon Source and Sink in Arable Land EcosystemsLiu, Xiaochen; Wang, Shuai; Zhuang, Qianlai; Jin, Xinxin; Bian, Zhenxing; Zhou, Mingyi; Meng, Zhuo; Han, Chunlan; Guo, Xiaoyu; Jin, Wenjuan; Zhang, YufeiLand 2173 4.11.2022
Root hairs matter at field scale for maize shoot growth and nutrient uptake, but root trait plasticity is primarily triggered by texture and droughtVetterlein, Doris; Phalempin, Maxime; Lippold, Eva; Schlüter, Steffen; Schreiter, Susanne; Ahmed, Mutez A.; Carminati, Andrea; Duddek, Patrick; Jorda, Helena; Bienert, Gerd Patrick; Bienert, Manuela Desiree; Tarkka, Mika; Ganther, Minh; Oburger, Eva; Santangeli, Michael; Javaux, Mathieu; Vanderborght, JanPlant and soil 2173 4.11.2022
Episodic extreme rainfall events drive groundwater recharge in arid zone environments of central AustraliaBoas, T.; Mallants, D.Journal of hydrology / Regional studies 2173 4.11.2022
Multifrequency Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Data for Backscatter-Based Characterization of Land Use and Land CoverVerma, Shatakshi; Kumar, Shashi; Mishra, Varun Narayan; Raj, RahulFrontiers in Earth Science 2173 4.11.2022
Tropical Peatland Hydrology Simulated With a Global Land Surface ModelApers, S.; De Lannoy, G. J. M.; Baird, A. J.; Cobb, A. R.; Dargie, G. C.; del Aguila Pasquel, J.; Gruber, A.; Hastie, A.; Hidayat, H.; Hirano, T.; Hoyt, A. M.; Jovani-Sancho, A. J.; Katimon, A.; Kurnain, A.; Koster, R. D.; Lampela, M.; Mahanama, S. P. P.; Melling, L.; Page, S. E.; Reichle, R. H.; Taufik, M.; Vanderborght, J.; Bechtold, M.Journal of advances in modeling earth systems 2173 4.11.2022
Net‐Zero CO 2 Germany—A Retrospect From the Year 2050Mengis, Nadine; Kalhori, Aram; Simon, Sonja; Harpprecht, Carina; Baetcke, Lars; Prats-Salvado, Enric; Schmidt-Hattenberger, Cornelia; Stevenson, Angela; Dold, Christian; Zohbi, Juliane; Borchers, Malgorzata; Thrän, Daniela; Korte, Klaas; Gawel, Erik; Dolch, Tobias; Heß, Dominik; Yeates, Christopher; Thoni, Terese; Markus, Till; Schill, Eva; Xiao, Mengzhu; Köhnke, Fiona; Oschlies, Andreas; Förster, Johannes; Görl, Knut; Dornheim, Martin; Brinkmann, Torsten; Beck, Silke; Bruhn, David; Li, Zhan; Steuri, Bettina; Herbst, Michael; Sachs, Torsten; Monnerie, Nathalie; Pregger, Thomas; Jacob, Daniela; Dittmeyer, RolandEarth's future 2173 4.11.2022
Influence of Physical-Chemical Soil Parameters on Microbiota Composition and Diversity in a Deep Hyperarid Core of the Atacama DesertFuentes, Bárbara; Choque, Alessandra; Gómez, Francisco; Alarcón, Jaime; Castro-Nallar, Eduardo; Arenas, Franko; Contreras, Daniel; Mörchen, Ramona; Amelung, Wulf; Knief, Claudia; Moradi, Ghazal; Klumpp, Erwin; Saavedra, Claudia P.; Prietzel, Jörg; Klysubun, Wantana; Remonsellez, Francisco; Bol, RolandFrontiers in microbiology 2173 4.11.2022
Impact of Rainfall Movement on Flash Flood Response: A Synthetic Study of a Semi-Arid Mountainous CatchmentKhosh Bin Ghomash, Shahin; Bachmann, Daniel; Caviedes-Voullième, Daniel; Hinz, ChristophWater 2173 JSC 3.11.2022
Linking rhizosphere processes across scales: OpinionSchnepf, A.; Carminati, A.; Ahmed, M. A.; Ani, M.; Benard, P.; Bentz, J.; Bonkowski, M.; Knott, M.; Diehl, D.; Duddek, P.; Kröner, E.; Javaux, M.; Landl, M.; Lehndorff, E.; Lippold, E.; Lieu, A.; Mueller, C. W.; Oburger, E.; Otten, W.; Portell, X.; Phalempin, M.; Prechtel, A.; Schulz, R.; Vanderborght, J.; Vetterlein, D.Plant and soil 2173 2.11.2022
Detection of Tracer Plumes Using Full‐Waveform Inversion of Time‐Lapse Ground Penetrating Radar Data: A Numerical Study in a High‐Resolution Aquifer ModelHaruzi, P.; Schmäck, J.; Zhou, Z.; van der Kruk, J.; Vereecken, H.; Vanderborght, J.; Klotzsche, A.Water resources research 2173 28.10.2022
Soil hydrology in the Earth systemVereecken, Harry; Amelung, Wulf; Bauke, Sara L.; Bogena, Heye; Brüggemann, Nicolas; Montzka, Carsten; Vanderborght, Jan; Bechtold, Michel; Blöschl, Günter; Carminati, Andrea; Javaux, Mathieu; Konings, Alexandra G.; Kusche, Jürgen; Neuweiler, Insa; Or, Dani; Steele-Dunne, Susan; Verhoef, Anne; Young, Michael; Zhang, YonggenNature reviews 2173 28.10.2022
CO2 emission and source partitioning from carbonate and non-carbonate soils during incubationZHAO, Yi; BOL, Roland; SUN, Zhaoan; ZHUGE, Yuping; SHI, Xiaoxia; WU, Wenliang; MENG, FanqiaoPedosphere 2173 28.10.2022
Global maps of soil temperatureLembrechts, Jonas J.; Hoogen, Johan; Aalto, Juha; Ashcroft, Michael B.; De Frenne, Pieter; Kemppinen, Julia; Kopecký, Martin; Luoto, Miska; Maclean, Ilya M. 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3-D Electromagnetic Modeling Explains Apparent-Velocity Increase in Crosshole GPR Data-Borehole Fluid Effect Correction Method Enables to Incorporating High-Angle Traveltime DataMozaffari, Amirpasha; Klotzsche, Anja; Zhou, Zhen; Vereecken, Harry; van der Kruk, JanIEEE transactions on geoscience and remote sensing 2173, 5111 JSC 1.2.2022
Coupling the Community Land Model version 5.0 to the parallel data assimilation framework PDAF: description and applicationsStrebel, Lukas; Bogena, Heye R.; Vereecken, Harry; Hendricks-Franssen, Harrie-JanGeoscientific model development 2173 22.1.2022
Validation of Soil Moisture Data Products From the NASA SMAP MissionColliander, Andreas; Reichle, Rolf; Crow, Wade; Cosh, Michael; Chen, Fan; Chan, Steven; Das, Narendra Narayan; Bindlish, Rajat; Chaubell, J.; Kim, Seungbum; Liu, Qing; OaNeill, Peggy; Dunbar, Scott; Dang, Land; Kimball, John S.; Jackson, Thomas; Al-Jassar, Hala; Asanuma, Jun; Bhattacharya, Bimal; Berg, Aaron; Bosch, David; Bourgeau-Chavez, Laura; Caldwell, Todd; Calvet, Jean-Christophe; Collins, Chandra; Jensen, Karsten; Livingston, Stan; Lopez-Baeza, Ernesto; Martinez-Fernandez, Jose; McNairn, Heather; Moghaddam, Mahta; Montzka, Carsten; Notarnicola, Claudia; Pellarin, Thierry; Greimeister-Pfeil, Isabella; Pulliainen, Jouni; Ramos, Judith; Seyfried, Mark; Starks, Patrick; Su, Bob; van der Velde, R.; Zeng, Yijian; Thibeault, Marc; Vreugdenhil, Mariette; Walker, Jeffrey; Zribi, Mehrez; Entekhabi, Dara; Yueh, SimonIEEE journal of selected topics in applied earth observations and remote sensing 2173 10.1.2022
Modeling seasonal soil moisture dynamics in gley soils in relation to groundwater table oscillations in eastern CroatiaKrevh, Vedran; Filipović, Vilim; Filipović, Lana; Mateković, Valentina; Petošić, Dragutin; Mustać, Ivan; Ondrašek, Gabrijel; Bogunović, Igor; Kovač, Zoran; Pereira, Paulo; Sasidharan, Salini; He, Hailong; Groh, Jannis; Stumpp, Christine; Brunetti, GiuseppeCatena 2173 5.1.2022

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Global transcriptomic analysis reveals candidate genes associated with different phosphorus acquisition strategies among soybean varietiesYang, Tongli; Yang, Songhua; Chen, Zhu; Tan, Yuechen; Bol, Roland; Duan, Honglang; He, JinFrontiers in Functional Plant Ecology 2173 25.1.2023
Hydrochemical Characterization of the Continental Terminal Aquifer in Cap Skirring Area, Southwestern SenegalDiouf, Ousmane Coly; Weihermüller, Lutz; Dieng, N. M.; Diedhiou, M.; Beltoungou, E.; Faye, S.; Faye, S.American Journal of Water Science and Engineering 2173 11.1.2023
Genetic Variability of Arabidopsis thaliana Mature Root System Architecture and Genome-Wide Association StudyDeja-Muylle, Agnieszka; Opdenacker, Davy; Parizot, Boris; Motte, Hans; Lobet, Guillaume; Storme, Veronique; Clauw, Pieter; Njo, Maria; Beeckman, TomFrontiers in Functional Plant Ecology 2173 4.11.2022
Evaluation of Internal Signal Reflections for an in Situ Calibration of a Ground Penetrating Radar Monitoring SystemSteinbeck, Leon; Mester, Achim; Roth, Christian; Zimmermann, Egon; Klotzsche, Anja; van Waasen, StefanIGARSS 2022 - 2022 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 2173 ZEA-2 3.11.2022
Mycorrhizal Mediated Partitioning of Phosphorus: Ectomycorrhizal (Populus x canescens x Paxillus involutus) Potential to Exploit Simultaneously Organic and Mineral Phosphorus SourcesSchreider, Katharina; Hofmann, Diana; Boy, Jens; Andrino, Alberto; Fernandes Figueiredo, Aline; Sauheitl, Leopold; Guggenberger, GeorgFrontiers in soil science 2173 23.8.2022
Root System Scale Models Significantly Overestimate Root Water Uptake at Drying Soil ConditionsKhare, Deepanshu; Selzner, Tobias; Leitner, Daniel; Vanderborght, Jan; Vereecken, Harry; Schnepf, AndreaFrontiers in Functional Plant Ecology 2173 8.7.2022
Reliability of capacitance type soil moisture sensors for their use in automated scheduling of drip irrigation in orchardsDomínguez-Niño, J. M.; Casadesús, J.; Bogena, H. R.; Huisman, J. A.IX International Symposium on Irrigation of Horticultural Crops 2173 24.6.2022
Characterizing groundwater vulnerability in developing urban settings using DRASTIC-LuPa approach: A case study of Aba City, NigeriaDickson Ijioma, Uche; Wendland, Frank; Herd, RainerAfrican journal of environmental science and technology 2173 24.2.2022
Loïc Pagès, founding scientist in root ecology and modellingBeroueg, Amira; Buck-Sorlin, Gerhard; Couvreur, Valentin; Danjon, Frédéric; Delory, Benjamin M; Doussan, Claude; Swaef, Tom De; Draye, Xavier; Jean-Louis Drouet; Dupuy, Lionel; Garre, Sarah; Gérard, Frédéric; Heymans, Adrien; Hinsinger, Philippe; Javaux, Mathieu; Koch, Axelle; Landl, Magdalena; Lecompte, François; Lobet, Guillaume; Lynch, Jonathan; Martre, Pierre; Meredieu, Céline; Meunier, Felicien; Mollier, Alain; Nguyen, Christophe; Picon-Cochard, Catherine; Postma, Johannes A; Pradal, Christophe; Rees, Frédéric; Richard-Molard, Céline; Roose, Tiina; Saint-Cast, Clément; Schnepf, Andrea; Thaler, Philippe; Vanderborght, Jan; Wu, Lianhai; Zhou, XiaoranIn silico plants 2173 IBG-2 24.2.2022

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Data set of the manuscript 'Opposite signs in local and nonlocal soil moisture-precipitation couplings across Europe'Stefan Kollet; Jochen Garcke; Eleni Katragkou; Stergios Kartsios; Tobias Tesch 2173 30.3.2023

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